drag - Lauren Woeste English 104 October 9 2007 More Than...

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Lauren Woeste English 104 October 9, 2007 More Than Just a Man, a Lady People are like adventures, they take you to places you could have never imagined and keep you guessing the whole way there. I don’t know what to expect. I have only met this guy once and even then he was a complete mystery to me. I know his name and that he has platinum blonde hair. I am assuming he will be dressed in the latest Hollister ad, just another stereotype of the gay community that I have fallen victim to. In my last email I asked him to meet me in the student center. I am hoping he forgot only because I am insanely nervous. However, to my dismay I see him descending the staircase looking in my direction. “Hey, you must be Lauren, I’m Nathan. I have been doing so many of these things lately that it seems like this is all I do now. Oh wow, that was rude. I’m sorry. Let’s start this again…Hi, I’m Nathan, it is very nice to meet you.” I didn’t know what to say, I was tongue-tied. Nathan was and wasn’t what I was expecting at the same time. He fed into the stereotype but at the same time he didn’t. It was all very intriguing to me. He got a coffee before we began; as we sat I felt this comfort come over me. All of the sudden I wasn’t nervous anymore. No one was around so it was quiet. At first he was asking more questions then I and started to lose sight of my objective. It quickly became apparent to me that this was going to be an adventure. Conversation was flowing, questions were being answered before they were asked, and then his phone rang. This was the day before the fall drag show and Nathan was a headliner. He was needed and had to go. Before he left our very quick meeting he handed me a program and said, “I’ll save you a seat in the front.” I looked down at the paper and read the headline,
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“America’s Next Top Model Fall Drag Show”, oh great I thought. What am I getting myself into? There were people everywhere, hoards and hoards of people. The “hags” were
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drag - Lauren Woeste English 104 October 9 2007 More Than...

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