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Final IDs - Final IDs 1 2 3 Genre-Various types of films...

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Final IDs 1. Genre -Various types of films that audiences and filmmakers recognize by their familiar narrative conventions 2. Structuralist criticism -analyzing in terms of its culture. Structuralists are particularly attracted to the myths of the film because myths were the first structures of a culture 3. Soviet Expressive Realism - Russian cinema during its Golden age (1925- 1933) combined realism and expressionism resulting in such characteristics as: a. Collective masses as hero b. Very Marxist theme c. Natural backlighting but often use low-key and soft focus to idealize d. Dynamic editing or montage 4. ADR - Automatic dialogue replacement is a process of rerecording dialogue in post-production, which usually yields better quality than location sound 5. Negative Cutter -cuts and splices the negative so that it conforms to the final edited version of the film. Use actual film recorded from the camera and every print of the film produced will be made from this negative 6. Line Producer - A "flunky" to the executive producer. The line producer breaks down the script in terms of renting space, finding props, etc. Involved in day to day workings of the film 7. Production Designer - visualizes the film's setting by orchestrating set and costume design, art direction etc. by coordinating different elements like the set, costume and makeup. The production designer is vital for establishing the world of the film 8. Extras -also known as day players. Many people to fill up space in the background. Appear as part of a crowd. No lines or actions. They are not credited 9. Location Manager -finds locations based on the director's needs. They do all the paper work involved (i.e.- filming permit) and manages other needs while filming on location 10. Set Decorator -has complete control over all items appearing on set, including furniture, plants, artwork, etc. Also modifies set for specific filming purposes. He/she usually has a background in interior design 11. Hybridity - the mixing of two genres 12. Ideology -a relatively coherent system of values, beliefs, or ideas shared by some social group and often taken for granted as natural or inherently true 13. Reflexivity -awareness of the formal elements of a film. Uses them to promote theme and subject
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14. Nostalgia-
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Final IDs - Final IDs 1 2 3 Genre-Various types of films...

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