CTCS190FinalExamReviewSession - Myths: central story that...

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common characteristics, ie. Biography: story of a historically important figure, white male, Euro, dead, had an impact on the world, rags to riches Conventions: formal methods Tradition vs. ?, self-doubt vs. ambition, public vs. private life, recognition of public achievement Iconography: Eulogy scenes, sanctimonious music Reasons for genre: Financial Provides a selling point/reassurance….guaranteee for the audience Cost efficient can reuse props, sets, costumes, etc. Aesthetic Repetition leads to quality/practice makes perfect Economic story telling (ie. already know certain things about the genre, like a marshall in a Western, and don’t have to spend time giving the backstory) Global sensibility We like clarity Implications: Comforter (know what you’re paying for, positive outlook on society) Sugar coats the pill (making social commentary through a lighthearted film…genre is the sugar, the pill is the social issue) Cultural myth (reflects the culture of the time, audience can connect to the film) Ritual (repetition, community, significance) 6 major reasons for genre has changed over time: 1. Competition with other leisure activities (ie. comic books, tv, sports, etc.) 2. Consumer sophistication/audience maturation (were watching films over and over again on tv consumers want something new) 3. Changes in technology (ie. stereophonic sound, color, etc.) 4. Censorship 5. Studios breaking down/emergence of individual production 6. Cultural change (ie. WWII, change in the role of women, etc.) Genre experimentation: Postclassical: Topical accommodation (updating things to the present, incorporating issues that are relevant to society) (modernization) (what) ie. Jeanne Eagels using a woman Hybrid
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CTCS190FinalExamReviewSession - Myths: central story that...

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