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Genetically Modified Food - Positive effects are rarely...

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Genetically Modified Organisms Sounds a little ominous in my opinion. I think the benefits and the cost should be further looked into, due to the fact they are so uncertain. Like all scientific advancements ample time needs to be allotted to make accurate decision on what can and cannot work with genetic modifying. Bad-I also hear worries of super weeds and non-killable mutations among the discussion. Good - Page 250 discusses a strain of rice with more Vitamin A, bug resistant forms of common crops.
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Unformatted text preview: Positive effects are rarely heard of, because good news doesnt seem to make Thee News. The thing with GMOs relating to food is they have been around without incident for a while, in one form or another. However, I do side with the opposition in the fact; I doubt the scientific community can accurately estimate possible negative effects fiddling of this kind could have. Also, fully support the required labeling of Genetically Modified anything, as long as they use bio-friendly labels....
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