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Chevron Bulk Plant, Camas -- Added August 27, 2002 Listed as a 2 (1 being the highest), on the high priority rating by the Ecology Department, this site was investigated in August of 1995. Knowing the area very well, I not that amazed it actually is so close to my home. This area has been plagued with environmental issues for years. Being from Camas everyone has the risk of Mill chemicals and illegal dumping in their minds. Page 273 and 274 in the text describe Hazardous Waste and states “Serious health problems arise when inhaled, ingested, or absorbed.” If you Google Earth or Map Quest, 612 SE Union in Camas you can see the Washougal River runs adjacent to the site and if you follow it down stream to the bridge you are looking at a very popular fishing area. AS opposed as we all should be to over fishing this activity will still go on. The fact this Bulk Fuel site could possible be leaking into that water way is relatively unnerving.
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Unformatted text preview: It also comes as little shock to me as a reader due to the fact the LaCamas Lake clean up effort has been slow moving for the last 15 years. Overshadowing sites like this Chevron Bulk Plant makes me wonder what else is going on close to me, my water and my friends fishing hole. With rumors of the Mill closing it also wonder who will take responsibility for the massive clean up that site will require. Changing owners five times in recent history I would imagine clean up could be locked in legal litigation for far to long. Little did I know that pesky Chevron has a site similar with in a bike ride from my home, and a stones throw from a friend’s apartment. The narrow stripe of land next to it was deemed unfit for residential homes, due to soil content. Which makes me wonder, if they had time to build storage units why couldn’t they have just cleaned it up?...
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