STUDY1_geo121 - Earth’s Physical Environments-Spring...

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-- 2008-- . . . Earth s Physical Environments Spring Dr K E Medley REVIEW SESSION 5:30-6:30 pm , 20 Wednesday February 112 ( ) Room Shideler the lab room Study Guide for Exam One , 21 2008 Midterm Exam I is Scheduled for Thursday February In studying for the exam focus primarily on the lecture notes and concepts emphasized in the . labs The assigned readings in the text should be used to support and provide greater . understanding of lecture material Please know that the study questions are only a guide and . not necessarily inclusive of all material that was covered during the respective sections 1. , Define physical geography and state how it contributes to geography and the study of - . human environment relationships Why is the globe always superior to a global map ( 1)? - projection lab Differentiate between the properties of equal area and conformal map ( 1). projections lab 2. Identify the three spheres of the earth that form the organizational framework for the . course and how the hydrosphere will be incorporated into the study of these three 3. ? Is the earth a closed or open system How can it be closed for materials when it must ? remain open for energy Provide a model of an ecosystem labeling the essential components ( , , ), , producers consumers decomposers the source of energy and the movement of energy ( , , ) ( . ., ). radiant chemical and heat and matter e g minerals How does one begin to calculate a
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STUDY1_geo121 - Earth’s Physical Environments-Spring...

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