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Business memo - one what kind of electric car they would...

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To: Professor Jim Tolbert From: Stephanie Staadt Date: February 29, 2008 Re: Question number 7 on pg 283 Introduction This Memo outlines the concept testing for a electrically powered car and a new loan payment system for automobiles that is base on variable interest rate. Concept tests Concept tests are external evaluations that consists of preliminary testing of a new product idea (instead of the actual product) with the consumers. What they are made up of 1.Written descriptions of the product 2. Augmented by Sketches, mockups, or promotional literature Questions???? How does the consumer perceive the product? Who would use it? How would it be used? Electicic Cars The Company may modify an existing car or survey its recent and previous customers
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Unformatted text preview: one what kind of electric car they would want? What luxuries they would want and what new things they would want put in it as well as originals. Bank Loan There is no real way to test a service unless you put it into place and actually market it and practice it. . What is the differences in developing concept tests for products as opposed to services? A Concept test is when you try to find out how the product may work out with conuspers and the people that you want to market your product too. A Service cannot be tested this way because of the fact that is not man made. There is no way of knowing what will happen if you don’t have something to test....
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