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To: Professor Tolbert From: Stephanie Staadt Date: March 20,2008 Re:pg 311 Discussion and Application Questions #1 Introduction This is memo is to explain what marketing strategies three different products in different stages of the life cycle can use the different Marketing strategies described in Chapter 12 to help them market their product and make it more successful. Canon Digital Cameras Canon Digital Camera is in the growth stage of development Canon is at a point where they have competition in the product they sell, The Increase in sales has made the price decrease making it more attainable for more buyers. During the growth stage one of the strategies Canon may want to try is to makes to modifications to the packaging and where they sell it. If they only sell it at Best Buy, make it available at Wal-Mart or Target to appeal to a more wide range of buyers. Panasonic HD Televisions The HD televisions are definitely still in the introductory stage of development the Sales are still growing and even though more people are buying them HD TV
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