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Sheet1 Page 1 Biology Lab 0120 @ University of Pittsburgh Jen West Prelab for Plant Development 1) Coal becamse available because of the compressed animal and plant matter. 2) Autotrophs produce their own food. They create their own food from organic substances using either light or chemical ener g 3) More pigments would help the plant absorb more of the spectrum of light to use for photosynthesis. Because they are abov e ground, they will recieve more of the light. The accessory pigments help them absorb more of this light. 4) If a plant has two generations, then it recieves the benefits of reproducing by asexual and sexual reproduction. This allows it to remain stable longer, as well as gain some benefits from combined genes. 5) This means that the plant will more often be in the specified stage. 6) n 7) 2n 8) The traits would vary more, as the plant would e focused on sexual reproduction which allows for genetic variation. 9) These pollen have evolved because the plant was exposed to a stress from its environment.
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Unformatted text preview: Because it is an adaptation, it is more advanced. 10) It is able to anchor itself more securely, as well as have a greater uptake of nutrients from the soil. 11) Complex plants that lived on land had to deal with many obstacles--They had to keep moisture in, while still being able to exchange gasses. This was complexed by the fact that the leaves because thicker to prevent moisture loss. The gaurd cells which open and close the stomata is a huge adaptation to solve these problems. To transport nutrients throughout the plant, the xylem and phloem were developed. 12) Above water, there is nothing to support the plant, so a crude skeletal system was adopted. For reproduction, the land plants cannot release gametes and expect them to be able to reach another gamete with the lack of a water medium. The adaptation of the pollen tube solves this....
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