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Sheet1 Page 1 Biology Lab 0120 @ University of Pittsburgh Jen West Plant Development quiz. 1) Why is the average height of the moss plant limited to a few centimeters? -no vascular tissue 2) Give one adaptation moss has that permits it to be successful on land. -rhizoid/roots. 3) Why is water required for moss reproduction? -The sperm are carried by water to eggs. 4a) What is the major evolutionary difference between moss and ferns? -ferns have vascular tissue, moss do not. 4b) How does that difference give ferns an advantage over moss? -They can grow larger upwards, toward light. 5) What are the dark spots on the udnerside of a fern leaf called? -sori 6) Is the frond of a fern haploid or diploid? -diploid 7) Generally speaking, how would you identify male vs. female pine cones? -males are smaller than females 8) What advantage do gymnsperms have over the other more "primitive" groups? -Their sperm are transported by wind 9) In what structure is pollen formed?
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Unformatted text preview: -pollen sac. 10) What do pollen grains contain?-sperm 11a) What is the difference between the seeds of angiosperms and the seeds of gymnosperms?-gymnosperms "naked seed", angiosperms have a protective ovary 11b) Why is this an advantage over gymnosperms?-Protected, another way of seed dispersal. 12) What is endosperm?-The nutrients in the seed. Either 3n or 5n. 13) A flower that is incomplete can also be perfect (T/F)-True 14) Through what structure does the male gamete reach the female gamete in angiosperms?-Style 15) Based on the four groups, how would you classify plants used to create the leachates?-gymnosperms 16) Of the four groups, which have seeds?-gymno and angiosperms 17) What is the difference between a monocot and dicot? (in terms of seeds)-monocots have one cotyledon, dicots have two cotyledon. 18) What method of cel division produces spores?-meiosis....
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