drug use and abuse - HE 123 DRUG USE AND ABUSE EDUCATIONAL...

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HE 123 DRUG USE AND ABUSE EDUCATIONAL PROBE #3 SPRING 2003 1. Which of the following neurochemicals is responsible for the reinforcing properties of nicotine? A. Acetylcholine D. All of the above B. Serotonin E. None of the above C. Dopamine 2. According to the latest research (and class discussion), maternal smoking during pregnancy places the unborn child at risk for: A. Conduct disorder D. All of the above B. ADHD E. None of the above C. Depression 3. Smokers use the health care system up to ___ percent more than nonsmokers. A. 20 C. 40 B. 30 D. 50 4. A positive correlation exists between teenage depression and smoking. A. True B. False 5. Smoking behavior meets all of the requirements to be labeled a true physical addiction. A. True B. False 6. Teenagers who smoke tobacco tend to be more likely to use: A. Crack D. All of the above B. Cocaine E. None of the above C. Marijuana 7. Relating to the class discussion we had about conduct disorder (ASP) in boys, manipulation of which specific neurochemical(s) by nicotine appears to be responsible for this problem? A. Norepinephrine D. Serotonin B. Dopamine E. All of the above C. Acetylcholine 8. A significant increase in the number of teenage girls smoking cigarettes has been observed. What are possible explanations? A. Physical and social appeal of cigarette ads B. Emotional appeal of cigarette ads C. Intellectual appeal of cigarette ads D. A and C E. All of the above
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9. Leonard “Pee Wee” Peevy is 5’9” tall and weighs 290 pounds. Leonard’s nickname has nothing to do with his body size or the fact that the talks like Pee Wee Herman. At one time Leonard was a fair high school athlete but has turned into a militaristic sedentarian. Still, he feels the need to occasionally relive the “good old days” and show off for his kids by performing intense “feats” of physical strength. Although he denies it, Leonard is a heavy smoker (3-4 packs a day). This, along with consuming mass quantities for pizza and beer and becoming stressed out at WCW wrestling matches (he has shredded more than one Hollywood Hulk Hogan t-shirt), makes Leonard at high risk for heart attack and stroke. What, specifically, could be the primary reason Leonard becomes “short of breath” when he walks from his easy chair in the TV room to the refrigerator in the kitchen? A. Smoking B. Increased carbon dioxide in his blood C. Increased carbon monoxide in his blood D. Lack of exercise E. B and C F. A and D 10. When Leonard inhales smoke from his cigarette, what specifically carries the nicotine into his lungs? A.
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drug use and abuse - HE 123 DRUG USE AND ABUSE EDUCATIONAL...

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