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Sample Location Paper

Sample Location Paper - Terrance Odom Sociology 201 Sec 005...

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Terrance Odom Sociology 201, Sec. 005 November 13, 2007 Social Factors That Influenced My Development A person’s social location no doubt shapes his development. It is inevitable that where a person lives, who he is around, and how he is treated will have an effect on his life. Many social factors have contributed to the person I am today, but a few stand out as being very significant. My growing up in a small town has provided me with the motivation and support to achieve my goals. My religion has formed my morals and values that I follow everyday. Finally, my race has given me a different perspective from most of the people in this country. These factors have combined to give me a unique perspective on life. As a result, I have become the successful, moral, and socially conscious person I am today. Not everyone has the opportunity to know all of their neighbors. I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a town where there are no strangers. In Williston, SC, every face is familiar and the whole community is tight-knit, much like the Gemeinschaft that Ferdinand Tonnies spoke of. I cannot go anywhere without recognizing someone. This creates a sense of family and support. For this reason, one person’s success is the whole town’s success. This became apparent to me when I came to college. I received so much support from my neighbors and they let me know they were proud of me. Knowing they were there for me boosted my confidence and made transitioning to college much easier. If I had come from a large city, my going to college would not have meant
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Odom 2 much to the people outside of my close friends and family. Since I knew most of the people in my city, however, they knew my story. They understood how important going to school was for me. Everyone was cheering me on, wanting me to be successful. While it is vital to have the support of family members, sometimes it
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Sample Location Paper - Terrance Odom Sociology 201 Sec 005...

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