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INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY SOC 201 – Section 4 Spring 2008 Class Meetings : 3:30 – 4:45 pm Tu/Th in Kinard 001 Instructor : Jennifer Holland, LMSW Office Hours: Tu and Th 9:30 – 10:45 am, Office: 130-A Brackett Hall W 12:20 – 2:15 pm, and by appointment Phone: (864) 656-2018 Email: [email protected] Official Course Description: Sociological perspective: the study of contemporary groups, organizations, and societies in terms of human social behavior, social change, social structure, and social institutions. Required Text: Henslin, J. M. (2007). Essentials of sociology: A down-to-earth approach (7 th ed.). Boston: Allyn Companion Website: Course Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to: 1) Explain the value of the sociological perspective and apply basic sociological theories to situations in their everyday lives. 2) Understand how human behavior is shaped by culture, socialization, social structure, social interaction, and social groups. 3) Discuss deviance from a sociological point of view, and offer several major theories for its cause. 4) Define social stratification, and discuss inequality as it relates to social class, race and ethnicity, gender, and age. 5) Analyze the impact of major social institutions, such as politics, the economy, family, education, and religion, on human behavior. 6) Discuss social change as it relates to population growth, urbanization, and technology. Course Policies 1) Academic Integrity : In line with Clemson University’s official statement on academic integrity, which is found on page 28 of the Undergraduate Announcements , academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Acts of academic dishonesty include lying, cheating, stealing, and plagiarism. If there is evidence that a student has committed any of these acts, a written charge of misconduct will be submitted by the instructor to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, and an investigation will follow. If a student is found to be in violation of Clemson’s academic integrity policy, a grade of F for the assignment, and possibly the course, will result. 2) Accommodations : If you require special accommodations as a result of a disability, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services within the first month of classes and then discuss your needs with the instructor.
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3) Attendance : Regular attendance is imperative to students’ success in this course; therefore, attendance will be taken during each class period and will influence the participation portion of your grade. Students are allowed two absences without penalty. For each subsequent absence, points will be deducted from the participation grade in the following manner: 5 points for the third absence, 5 points for the fourth absence, and 10 points for each additional absence. This policy applies to all absences, regardless of the cause (illness, family and relationship problems, work obligations, extracurricular activities, etc.). In some instances, the instructor may choose to
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