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Sample Play Paper - Oliver 1 Ginny Oliver J. Holland...

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Oliver 1 Ginny Oliver J. Holland Sociology 201 13 November 2007 Sociological Ideas in Streetcar Playwright Tennessee Williams was famous for his plays that discussed topics that no one else was writing about at the time. Many of these motifs were mirrored in Williams’ troubled life. This play’s protagonist, Blanch Dubois, is a disturbed southern belle in a downward spiral. Unbeknownst to her, sociological factors such as class, ethnicity, gender roles, and various deviant behaviors, among others are influencing her life. Class plays an important role in A Streetcar Named Desire . Both Blanche and Stella experience downward social mobility; Blanche’s is more sudden and dramatic while her sister chooses her fate when she “marries down.” They grew up on a plantation called Belle Reve and led a generally privileged life. Growing up they would have been members of either the capitalist or upper middle class and probably considered “old money.” This would be an example of intergenerational mobility, because her parents were wealthy, but she lost her wealth, power, and prestige. Upon her arrival at the Kowalski’s apartment, she is shocked to discover the squalor that her sister calls home. Blanche seems disgusted with her new surroundings and horrified of the idea of sharing such close quarters with a man whom she’s not married to. Blanche dresses up in her outdated but beautiful clothes and her costume jewelry to remind her of the days when
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Sample Play Paper - Oliver 1 Ginny Oliver J. Holland...

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