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syllabusspring2007 - 13 - Spring 2007 Economics 211...

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Spring 2007 Adriana Cordis Economics 211 Objective : Learn to think in a manner consistent with the existence of scarcity. Texts : MBN ), The Economics of Public Issues , 14 th Ed. (Paperback) Miller ( RLM ), Economics Today: the Micro View , 13 th Ed. (Paperback) Communications : Office: Sirrine 225 Office hours: Email: [email protected] Phone: 656-2038 I encourage you to ask questions during class if you want to clarify anything in that day’s lecture. And please, make an appointment to see me if office hours don’t work. Attendance : Strongly recommended. If I plan to give a worthless lecture, I will cancel class. The assigned readings are supplemental to my lectures. They are NOT good substitutes for regular class attendance. If I am late for class, I will compensate you, as long as you wait 10 minutes. Examinations : There will be three in-term exams, plus a Final Exam , which together will account for 80% of your grade. The weights assigned to these exams are: Exam Date Weight First (Warm-up) Wednesday, January 31 10% Second (Mid-term) Wednesday, February 28 20% Third (Late-Term) Wednesday, April 4 20% FINAL EXAM Tuesday, May 1 30% The exams will consist of multiple-choice questions. As a rough guide, the in-term exams will focus heavily on class lectures and MBN; the readings in RLM are supplementary. First and Third Exams will focus chiefly on material since the last exam. Midterm and Final Exam will be cumulative and comprehensive, including all material covered prior to the administration of the exam in question. There will be four homework assignments
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syllabusspring2007 - 13 - Spring 2007 Economics 211...

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