NA Prelab - 13~V Student Response Answer 3.25e-5 5 Which of...

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The figure below shows the  electric field lines for two point  charges separated by a small  distance. Determine the ratio  .     Student Response a.  1/2 b.  -1/2 c.  2 d.  -2 e.  1 f.  -1      2.      The figure below shows a test charge  between the two  positive charges. Find the force (in newtons) on the test  charge for  . Give a positive answer if the force is to  the right and a negative answer if the force is to the left.     Student Response Answer -94.89        3.      For the previous question, find the electric field (in  newtons/coulomb) at the position of test charge. Again,  supply a positive value if the electric field points to the  right and a negative value if it points to the left. (1)     Student Response Answer -4.74e7       
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4.      How much work (in joules) is done in moving a charge of  2.5μC a distance of 51 cm along an equipotential at 
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Unformatted text preview: 13~V? Student Response Answer 3.25e-5 5. Which of the following are valid units for electric field strength? A. N/m B. N/C C. V/m D. V/C Student Response 1. A, C 2. A, D 3. B, C 4. B, D 6. The field lines associated with a uniform electric field in a region of space are shown in the figure below. Imagine drawing two equipotentials in the plane of the figure, one passing through point A and and one passing through point B. If the electric field is 150 N/C, how much does the potential change in going from A to B? Provide your answer in volts and use a positive value if it increases and a negative value if it decreases. Student Response Answer-450...
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NA Prelab - 13~V Student Response Answer 3.25e-5 5 Which of...

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