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08.27 - Getting(to(know(you Welcome(to(Creative(Technology...

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1 Welcome to Creative Technology CHEN 1000/GEEN 1100 What year are you in; a< Freshman Getting to know you ... b< Sophomore c< Eunior d< Senior/other In which area is your maHor; a< Science/Engineering b< Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences c< Business/Eournalism d< Other Why are you here; < C i b t d /f t t h l a< Curious about modern/future technology b< Need to fulfill Natural Science core requirement c< My friend took this course d< More than one reason Getting to know meO
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2 QROFESSOR: Eanet deGrazia OFFICE: ECCH 124 QHONE: V303<X735X4763 EMAI\: degrazia]colorado.edu OFFICE HOURS: M 10:00, T 1:00, Th 10:00 Vdrop bys welcome< Clyven operating the electronic neurological device which allows him to communicate online. CULearn: grades, scores, announcements, class presentations, Info and Course Qolicies practice problems, old exams with solutions, etc. will be posted on CU\earn. All policies are also posted there and you are responsible for knowing them. Qlease check it often. Attendance: Class attendance is required. This means that you are responsible for knowing what is discussed during lecture. https://culearn.colorado.edu/ Grade Elements: Exams: Each of the 3 scheduled exams will be given in Coors Event Center or another classroom and will cover the course material assigned since the previous exam. The final exam will be cumulative. No makeXup examsaaa bou may drop the lowest exam VNOT the final<. No make up examsaaa bou may drop the lowest exam VNOT the final<. Final: Tuesday, December 18 th 1:30-4:00 pm in Coors Homework: There will be three homework assignments due during the semester each worth 35 points.
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