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Test1%20Master%20regrade pcb - Test PCB3134 Test 1 Sp08...

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Test: PCB3134 Test 1 Sp08 Creation Date: 1/31/2008 Group Type: Randomize groups Penalty for guessing: 0 PCB3134 - Test 1 Spring, 2008 YOU WILL BE AWARDED 2 BONUS POINTS ON THE EXAM IF YOU FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS DIRECTIONS 1. Enter your name and UFID number on your answer sheet, BOTH PRINTED & FILL IN THE BUBBLES. 2. Enter the five-digit test code number in slots 76-80 of your answer sheet. The test code can be found at the bottom of each page on your test. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THIS IS DONE CORRECTLY OR YOUR TEST CANNOT BE GRADED !!! 3. Answer each question with the ONE BEST answer. 4. Turn in your answer sheet when you have finished. 5. KEEP YOUR TEST SO THAT YOU WILL HAVE THE TEST CODE NUMBER. Grades will be posted by test code numbers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY . Select the BEST ANSWER. If you do not understand the question, you may ask the instructor for clarification. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ 1. Which of the following statements were included in stating the original Cell Theory - the first unifying theory of biology? (a) All living organisms are composed of one or more cells. (b) All cells are surrounded by a plasma membrane. (c) All cells arise from preexisting cells (d) Cells are the basic unit of all organisms and are structurally similar. (*) a, c, d (2) a, b, c, d (3) b, c, d (4) c, d (5) a, b, d 2. Who was the first person to describe a living single cell organisms? (*) Anton van Leeuwenhoek (2) Robert Hooke (3) Robert Brown (4) Louis Pasteur (5) Matthais Schleiden 3. Which of the following is/are a basic property of cells? (a) Cells possess a genetic program and the means to use it. (b) Cell membranes allow cells to create compartments that differ in composition and function. (c) Cells are capable of producing more of themselves.
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(d) Cells acquire and utilize energy. (*) a, b, c, d (2) b, c, d (3) b (4) a, b, d (5) a, c, d 4. Which of the following organelles or structures are present in eukaryotic cells and absent in prokaryotic cells? (*) microfilaments (2) ribosomes (3) proteasomes (4) plasma membrane (5) DNA 5. Which of the following organelles is not surrounded by a membrane? (*) centriole (2) peroxisome (3) lysosome (4) Golgi (5) central vacuole 6. Which of the following organelles contain oxidative enzymes but do not generate ATP within the organelle from the oxidation of organic molecules? (a) proteasomes
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course PCB 3134 taught by Professor Multiple during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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Test1%20Master%20regrade pcb - Test PCB3134 Test 1 Sp08...

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