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FORM- A Name: ___________________________ Anatomy and Physiology 212: Test #1: 50 points ON YOUR SCANTRON, PUT YOUR NAME AND TEST FORM LETTER ON FRONT! PUT YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER ON THE TOP OF THE BACK OF YOUR SCANTRON YOU MAY WRITE ON THIS TEST, although it will not be given back. Multiple Choice (1 pt each): Choose the one best answer for each question on scantron (double check for smears) and put “written” answers on the back of the scantron. 1) a) True or b) False: In type 2 diabetes (Adult onset or also called NIDDM) the adipocytes of a person may become unable to recognize insulin as a signal for glucose uptake from the blood. 2) a) True or b) False : Optimal glucose absorption by brain cells requires the presence of insulin. 3) _________is a hormone made by the pineal gland that promotes the sleep phase of our circadian rhythm. a) Melatonin b) Serotonin c) Somatostatin d) Thymopoeitin 4) a ) True b) False: As a second messenger, inositol triphosphate (IP 3 ) causes the opening of calcium channels and results contraction of specific smooth muscle cells. 5) Which type of hormone affects only the cells adjacent to the one that created it? a) Autocrine b) Paracrine c) Endocrine d) All of above 6) If oxytocin and prostaglandin both promote contraction of the uterus at birth. The activities of the two would be ___ relative to each other. a) Pharmacological b) Antagonistic c) Synergistic d) Down regulated 7) Calcium-rich kidney stones might be expected to occur if the ______was hyperactive and caused high blood levels of calcium (hypercalcemia). a) C-cells of thyroid gland b) Parathyroid glands c) Pancreatic Beta cells d) A and B e) None of above 8) a) True b) False: If you produce a large amount of cortisol, you would probably observe an increase in your blood glucose and a reduction in the amount of glycogen in your liver. 9) If you had kidney failure and were in need of a transplant and dialysis, which drug would help make up for poor erythropoietin production? a) Albuterol b) Procrit c) Ibuprofen 10) a) True b) False: Hyperthyroid activity (excess T 3 ) could easily explain why a person had an anorexic-like appearance and was always warm to the touch. 11) Which hormone promotes growth at any time in the life cycle? a) Thyroxine b) Insulin c) Growth hormone d) All the above 12) What specific adrenergic receptor causes the heart to beat more forcefully during stressful situations like this test? a) Alpha-1 b) Alpha-2 c) Beta-1 d) Beta-2 e) Beta-3 13) When a hormone like epinephrine binds its alpha-1 receptor, a ___________is released in the target cell that stimulates phospholipase-C to produce inositol triphosphate (IP 3 ). a) Calmodulin b) G-protein c) cAMP d) Inhibitory post synaptic potential 14) Which hormone relies on an enzyme called tyrosine kinase to regulate the movement of glucose into an adipocyte? a) Glucagon
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test1key - FORM A Name Anatomy and Physiology 212 Test#1 50...

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