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Show All Math/Answers on the scantron. 1) What is the Heart Rate (beats/minute)? a) 30 b) 60 c) 120 d) 180 e) 240 2) What is the Cardiac Output? a) 1.5 b) 3 c) 5 d) 10 e) 20 3) The Frank-Starling curve for a “Normal” person if you started at point “X” and your preload increased which point would you go to if all else remained unchanged? A B C C 4) If conduction through the septum ceased, the ventricles would contract at around 20-30 beats per minute due to the pacemaker activity associated with what region of the heart? a) SA Node b) AV Node c) Apex d) A or B e) B or C 5) In a healthy person, a pulse pressure of 15 mmHg would be most likely to be associated with what vessel? a) Vena cava b) Pulmonary artery c) Pulmonary vein d) Aorta 6) Which of the following events occur in the period between the T-wave and the next P-wave on the ECG? a) Ventricular quiescence b) Ventricular diastole c) Ventricular rest d) Ventricular perfusion with arterial blood e) All of above 7) Failure of which ventricle would be most likely to cause fluid accumulation in the lung. a) Left b) Right 8) If the pressure gradient decreased, but blood viscosity and vessel length remained unchanged; the blood flow would probably______________. a) Increase b) Decrease c) Stay the same 9) Which of the following ______has the highest affinity for hemoglobin. a) Protons (H+) b) Carbon dioxide c) Oxygen d) Carbon monoxide 10) When the diaphragm contracts a person will probably _________. a) Inhale b) Exhale FORM- A Name: __________KEY___________ Anatomy and Physiology 212: Test #2: 50 points ON YOUR SCANTRON, PUT YOUR NAME AND TEST FORM LETTER ON FRONT! PUT YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER ON THE TOP OF THE BACK OF YOUR SCANTRON YOU MAY WRITE ON THIS TEST, although it will not be given back. Multiple Choice (1 pt each): Choose the one best answer for each question on scantron (double check for smears) and put “written” answers on the back of the scantron. 1) ________help deposit cholesterol in the arterial wall and ______help remove cholesterol from the arterial wall and carry this cholesterol to the liver where it is made into bile. a) HDL, LDL b) LDL,HDL c) Triglycerides, LDL 2) If you had liver failure from alcoholism and a deficiency in plasma proteins, especially albumen, you might experience which of the following? a) Ascites b) Hypercholesterolemia c) Polycythemia d) Leukemia 3) True/False: The fetus has a special hemoglobin that has a lower than normal oxygen binding affinity that lets it pull oxygen from the maternal circulation in the placenta. a) True b) False 4) The cells of which structure are the leakiest (have the fastest pacemaker potential)? a) SA Node b) AV Node c) Bundle branches d) Chordae tendonae e) Purkinje fibers 5) The volume of blood (ml) leaving the ventricle following a single systole is the ________. a) End-systolic volume
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test2key - Show All Math/Answers on the scantron 1 What is...

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