08.29 - 1 Creative Tech Class 2 Extra credit opportunities...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Creative Tech Class # 2 Extra credit opportunities On exams: Exams will be 108 points (8 extra credit points). Creative contributions: These can consist of almost anything related to the class; each will be graded on a case-by-case basis. You will have to be creative and come up with your own ideas. These contributions are designed to encourage you to explore topics related to the course in ways that will be interesting and fun. You may submit one creative contribution during the semester. One page papers generally worth 3-5 points. Maximum creative contribution points per student = 20 Maximum points for submissions after Exam #2 = 10 No contributions accepted after the last day of class. All creative contributions should be turned in to the instructor. Extra credit opportunities - continued Creative challenges :- Every class will have a creative challenge that teams or individuals can sign up for. These are each worth 5 points. Students will be selected randomly from the class list. Please email the TA at [email protected] if you prefer not to come up. News of the Day: 3 points for any that I use, if you’re the first one to send it to the TA – send to [email protected] Stop by my office hours: All students who come by during my office hours and introduce themselves to me will get 3 extra credit points. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Basic concepts: You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the academic integrity policy of your respective school, program, department, college, etc. Aside from obvious cases, like blatant cheating, the following principles are the key ideas: • You must attribute all intellectual property appropriately . Thi mean giving credi wher credi i du fo work ideas This means giving credit where credit is due for work, ideas, etc. • You claim credit by default . If you do not explicitly credit or reference an idea, result, work, etc. to the person or group who deserves it, you are implicitly claiming that it is your own. This means “Cite your sources .” Wednesday, August 29 2 Repercussions of dishonesty: If it is found that submitted work does not satisfy the principles set forth here and/or in university policy, the following actions will be taken: •Any discovered act of academic dishonesty by a student in this course will be reported to the Boulder Campus Honor Code...
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08.29 - 1 Creative Tech Class 2 Extra credit opportunities...

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