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FALL_2006_General Info lecture - CHEM. 25: _ _ _...

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CHEM. 25: _ _____________ __ INTRODUCTION The Lecture: either 9:10-10:00 AM or 11:10 AM – noon on M/W Dr. Foster presiding (nf00 // x. 83646) … Office hours: by appointment Mudd 697 The Studio: M PM: Dr. Foster (nf00) // TAs: Ray Pugh, Brian Casey; ug – Celia Hoelke T AM: Dr. Zeroka (dz00) // TAs: Kyle Wagner, Samrat Mukherjee; ug – Priya Iyer T PM: Dr. Miller (rsm4) // TAs: Lili Liu, Le Li; ug – Evan Rossignol W PM: Dr. Glover (kjg206) // TAs: Ray Pugh, Jatin Gupta; ug – Scott Mlynarski Th AM: Dr. Glover (kjg206) // TAs: Kyle Wagner, Samrat Mukherjee; ug – Lauren Kaczka Th PM: Dr. Roberts (jer1) // TAs: Lili Liu, Le Li F PM: Dr. Miller (rsm4) // TAs: Brian Casey, Jatin Gupta; ug – Stephanie Papastephanou Laboratory Manager Dr. Berk (jrb3)//office: Mudd room 695. Dr. Berk handles all arrangements regarding make-up studios. WELCOME TO CHEM. 25: INTRODUCTORY CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES . Chem 25 has two parts: the lecture and the Studio. These two different activities are tightly linked. THE LECTURE : The text book on which the entire course – lectures, Studios, homework, quizzes, and exams – is based is Petrucci, Harwood, Herring, and Madura : General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications (ed. 9). Reading and homework problems are assigned from this book. Information for class, including lecture notes, links to weekly quizzes, and materials for the Studio, is available on the Blackboard site for Chem. 25. Let me know immediately if you have difficulty gaining access to the Blackboard site. If you experience technical problems printing material or with the site in general, please contact the HELP desk for computer services directly. Buttons on the Blackboard site for Chem 25 connect you to areas that have the material you need for the course: Announcements : Changes / additions / corrections to schedule or notes Course Info : Syllabus / schedule / safety guidelines/ instructions for exams Staff Info
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FALL_2006_General Info lecture - CHEM. 25: _ _ _...

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