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SYLLABUS: CHEM 25: FALL 2006 Homework assignments are available on Blackboard under ‘Assignments’ in the folder named ‘Homework.’ The assignments typically deploy on Friday and close on the following Friday. Consult the instructions on the site for directions. You may enter and leave the homework as many times as you would like. The grade that registers for the homework is based on the last set you submit before the deadline, which is always Friday at 4 PM. A small homework set on significant figures will be available from Monday through Friday during the first week of classes so that you can test-drive the system. This set will not figure into your grade – it’s just a test-drive so you can see how the system works and so that we can address any difficulties that arise. Weekly quizzes : short quizzes are given weekly via Blackboard. The first one will appear on Tuesday, 05. Sept. and will be available from 6 AM Tuesday morning until 11:55 PM Thursday night. It is your responsibility to remember to take the quiz each week. Instructions on how to take the quizzes are available under ‘Course Documents.’ Once you enter a quiz, you must complete it.
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This note was uploaded on 02/26/2008 for the course CHEM 025 taught by Professor X during the Fall '06 term at Lehigh University .

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