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4Q Assignment #3 1.Mechanical solidarity is when a society is maintained by the similarities of its members. Organic solidarity refers to the results from the division of labor. The main difference between mechanical and organic solidarity is that mechanical solidarity is a result of similarities between members of a society. Organic is a result of the interdependence among members of a society. 2.Yes, I do think that today's workforce causes people to experience alienation. People still have the inability to recognize inequality and exploitation in a capitalist society because of the prevalence within it of views that naturalize and legitimize the existence of social classes. Marx’s theory is founded in his observation that, within capitalist mode of production workers invariably lose determination of their lives and destinies by being deprived of the right to conceive of themselves as the director of their own actions.When the bourgeoisie interferes with natural tendencies, the worker is alienated. 3
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