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Unformatted text preview: Name ___—___ Section — Dale Exercise 2.3 Articles In the sentences below, write a, an, or the in each blank. . 10. Example: I waited in line for an hour to set up my cell phone plan. . Cell phone usage in United States has risen dramatically in the last four years. . There was time when it seemed that only business people had mobile phones. . Mobile phones of 19803 were bulky, heavy objects. . Cell phones of new millennium are slim, sleek, and lightweight. cell phone used to cost hundreds of dollars, but now they are some- times given away with service plans. few of my friends have given up their land lines in favor of using cell phones for all their calls. . There has been drastic increase in usage among teenagers. . They believe that cell phones are absolute necessity. . After all, maintaining social life is important when you are sixteen years old. The parents of teenager would probably disagree. Exercise 2.3 / Arlides . l3 Name ‘ Section Date Exercise 2.4 Articles Revise each of the following sentences by adding, deleting, or changing articles wherever necessazy. ' 10. 14 the. Example: Footnotes at the bottom of [a page give you more information. . It is surprising how many parts there are to a textbook. . Most students never read beyond first page of homework assignment in a textbook. But there are many useful parts to book. . For example, the preface is at the beginning of most books. This gives you information on how to use the book. . The table of contents is after the preface. It shows you the chapter, the subject, and the page number. . There is usually an appendix after the assignments that gives you useful information such as dictionary or glossary of terms used in the textbook. . At the end of the book, there is a index. This is an alphabetical list of all the topics in the book and their page number. . Some textbooks contain an answer key to the questions at the very back of the book. . Beyond the usual parts of a textbook, there may be charts to assist in understanding the subject matter. . Perhaps the most popular items contained within a book are the pictures. In the end, it is still a textbook, and an only page that matters to the student is the homework assignment. G Part 2 / Articles ...
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