ochem 3rd test 2005 key

ochem 3rd test 2005 key - CHEMISTRY 314-02 MIDTERM 3 answer...

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CHEMISTRY 314-02 MIDTERM # 3 – answer key April 19, 2005 Statistics: Average: 67 pts (67%); Highest: 99 pts (99%); Lowest: 35 pts (35%) Number of students performing at or above average: 25 (56%) 1. (5 pts) Mark as true ( T ) or false ( F ) the following statements. Do not explain! ( T ) The haloform reaction requires basic conditions; ( T ) Fischer esterification occurs only in acidic conditions; ( T ) Amides are less reactive than acid chlorides and esters; ( T Saponification is the process of base-catalyzed hydrolysis of esters; ( T ) Lactams are intramolecular amides; 2. Circle all that apply: A. (3 pts) The following reactions CANNOT be used to generate esters: a. Base-catalyzed reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohol; b. Reaction of acid chloride and alcohol; c. Reaction of amide and alcohol; d. Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of ketones; B. (3 pts) The following reactions DO NOT occur with an intermediate formation of enolates: a. Fischer esterification; b. Claisen condensation; c. The haloform reaction; d. Saponification of esters; C. (3 pts) The following compounds DO NOT decarboxylate upon heating: a. β -ketoacids; b. -dicarboxylic acids; c. β -dicarboxylic acids; d. -hydroxyacids; 3. (5 pts) Provide the structure of each of the following carboxylic acids, listed with their trivial names: formic acid oxalic acid malonic acid terephthalic acid succinic acid H O OH O OH O HO O OH O HO COOH HOOC HOOC COOH 4. (4 pts) Rank the following compounds in order of increasing acidity. Do not explain! A. Trichloroacetic acid; Trifluoroacetic acid; Propanoic acid; D. Isopropanol; E.
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ochem 3rd test 2005 key - CHEMISTRY 314-02 MIDTERM 3 answer...

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