ochem 3rd test 2007 key

ochem 3rd test 2007 key - CHEMISTRY 314-01 MIDTERM # 3...

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CHEMISTRY 314-01 MIDTERM # 3 – answer key April 12, 2007 Statistics: Average: 70 pts (70%); Highest: 95 pts (95%); Lowest: 25 pts (25%) Number of students performing at or above average: 26 (59%) Number of students at 55% or below: 9 (20%) 1. (5 pts) Mark as true ( T ) or false ( F ) the following statements. Do not explain! ( F ) Carboxylic acids are not Brønsted acids; ( T ) Base-promoted hydrolysis of esters is irreversible; ( F ) Esters can be formed from carboxylic acids and alcohols in both acid-catalyzed and base-promoted reactions; ( F ) Lactones are cyclic amides; ( F ) β -ketoesters are more acidic than carboxylic acids; 2. Circle ALL that apply: A. (3 pts) The following reactions are used to generate carbon – carbon bonds: a. Aldol condensation; b. Claisen condensation; c. Ester saponification; d. Lactam formation; B. (3 pts) Circle the reagents that CANNOT be used to convert a carboxylic acid to an acid chloride: a. Thionyl chloride; b. Alkyl chloride; c. Sodium chloride; d. Phosphorus pentachloride; C. (3 pts) The following compounds CANNOT undergo aldol self-condensation: a. Acetone; b. Acetaldehyde; c. Formaldehyde; d. Benzaldehyde; D. (3 pts) The following esters CANNOT form enolates: a. Ethyl acetate; b. Ethyl formate; c. Diethyl carbonate; d. Ethyl propanoate; 3. (5 pts) Provide the correct structure, matching each of the following names: 5.
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ochem 3rd test 2007 key - CHEMISTRY 314-01 MIDTERM # 3...

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