TV Notes - JOUR 1001 Notes Ch. 7=Radio, Recording, and...

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JOUR 1001 Notes Ch. 7=Radio, Recording, and Popular Music A. Radio’s Prehistory 1. A wired and electronic transmissions of media messages require: a. Power b. Symbols c. Transmission-system B. Early History 1. Guglielmo Marconi successfully transmitted sound across the English Channel in 1899 and across the Atlantic in 1901. 2. 1903: Reginald Fessenden invented liquid barretter— audio device permitting reception of wireless voices 3. 1906: Lee DeForest invented audion tube---vacuum tube that improved and amplified wireless signals. C. More Early History 1. 1877: Thomas Edison patented the “talking machine”—device for duplicating sound used a hand-cranked grooved cylinder and a needle. 2. Berliner= Not only develops the microphone but also RCA Victor Records. 3. 1905: Columbia Phonograph Company introduced the two-sided disc. D. Early Broadcast 1. CHAOTIC a. Patent fights and lawsuits delayed the introduction of broadcasting to a mass audience. 2. Wireless Ship Act of 1910: required ships carrying more than 50 passengers have a working wireless and an operator. a. Increased noise and interference on the airwaves + Titanic. 3. After Titanic, Radio Act of 1912: allocate frequencies, revoke licenses, fine violators, and required wireless operators to be licensed by the Sect. of Comerance and Labor E. Titanic—April 14 th , 1912 1. Two Marconi wireless operators on board 2. Sent SOS signals to many ships 3. California was 6 miles away but didn’t respond. F.
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TV Notes - JOUR 1001 Notes Ch. 7=Radio, Recording, and...

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