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Course Review of Texts Essay Length: 5-8 pages. Due: 5/8/2008 Grade Percentage Value: 15% The course review essay is the student’s chance to bring together the wide range of texts discussed in class and to make some sense of them within the context of “American Literature from Post-Civil War to the Present.” The point of the essay is to connect ideas, themes, and styles together through the course readings. Students must take a theme/idea and channel the course texts through it, thus making some sort of argument or assessment about the theme/idea in regards to the course texts and American Literature in general. While this doesn’t mean students must use all the texts from class, they must at least use four or more of the books and one or more of the shorter pieces. Students will need to take a reoccurring theme or link together several different themes in this essay and discuss how the different texts presents these ideas, engages in some sort of dialogue, refutes, embraces, or grapples in some way with them. Students should draw on class discussions/lectures, their own notes and reading
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