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Online Discussion Guidelines - On-Line Discussions...

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Unformatted text preview: On-Line Discussions GuidelinesOnline discussions are a way of discussing course material in a situation where the student have ample time and ability to articulate his/her answer in response to questions posed by the instructor or other students. To participate in discussions, simply click on Discussion Board on the left panel of the Blackboard site. Your on-line discussion grade (10% of your semester grade) is based on the following:Quantity of postings: At least FOURpostings spread out over the duration of each discussion. In other words, posting six times in one sitting is not the type of participating I am looking for. When you spread out your postings, you are able to synthesize other perspectives and contribute to an evolving discussion. It also shows that you are listening to others.Qualityof postings: Since the term quality is subjective, here are some specific attributes that I am looking for in your contributions:Ability to synthesize readings and main concepts. Over the course of the semester, it becomes obvious whos posting without the benefit of class discussion or reading the...
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Online Discussion Guidelines - On-Line Discussions...

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