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Graphic Novel Film Guidelines - Graphic Novel and Film...

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Graphic Novel and Film Comparison DUE DATES Selections Due: 2/12/2008 Graphic Novel and Film Comparison Due: 4/29/2008 For this assignment, students are expected to compare and contrast a graphic novel and its cinematic counterpart. This paper should not boil down to a “which one is better,” debate, but rather a discussion about the adaptation process worked for this particular graphic novel and what are recognizable differences between the two pieces of work. This discussion should consider elements such as narrative, shifting from static to moving pictures, color transition, soundtrack, and other areas of difference between the mediums. Selection Process : For this assignment, students should select singular self- contained graphic novels that has a film counterpart. Franchises such as the X-Men, Spider-Man, Superm, or Batman are not adequate choices for this assignment. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Persepolis, Sin City and other directly adapted graphic novels may be acceptable, but students are expected to read the specific books needed to do so. Additionally, students should select stories that they correspond to or are interested in. That means, if you are not a science-fiction junkie, don’t chose a graphic novel that entails time-travel, space battles, and aliens. Consider what kinds of genres you generally drift to and seek them out. Reading : Students are encouraged to read the graphic novel more than once. Like reading a book or watching a film, second (and third) reads often provide the reader with more information they didn’t notice on the first run. Students might also want to keep notepad to jot down plot points, ideas, and interesting displays with accompanying page numbers. Writing
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Graphic Novel Film Guidelines - Graphic Novel and Film...

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