Judaism - Judaism Background Baghdad was the most heavily...

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Judaism Background Baghdad was the most heavily populated place for Jews in ancient times Three schools of Judaism: Reform, Conservative, Orthodox Everyone in the old communities were Orthodox Vast majority of Jews live in North America Marked by the Holocaust. Since then they have reconstructed themselves. The state of Israel May 15, 1947 is the Jewish state Oldest of the Western religions Goes back 3000-3500 years Basis for Christianity and Islam. All of these religions have Abraham in common. They are very different. They are all very distinct in terms of beliefs, values, and intentions. During the great Islamic invasions in the 7 th and 8 th century, the Jews went with the Muslims because they were so smart and elite Ashkanazim, were the Jews in Germany etc. Spheradim, were the Jews from Spain Jews were never really accepted like they were in Spain The Jews were considered Christ killers. In 1967 the Vatican made a book that showed that the belief were grounds for excommunication. Christianity was always supposed to give protection to the Jews because they always deserved a spot in the holy scripture Muslims consider Jews to be Muslims because they are the creator of the holy book Christ is considered a Jewish profit Introduction No single head and no international body with authority over religious practices Most influential religion per pound in Western civilization Caanites becomes Israelites and after Moses receives the commandments and Torah they become Jews. Ancient cultures are usually all cyclical, but Judaism is linear.
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Judaism - Judaism Background Baghdad was the most heavily...

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