Zoroastrianism - Zoroastrianism Background to the Religion...

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Zoroastrianism Background to the Religion One of the first religions that makes a distinction between things that are holy and not holy Unexpected appearance in western history from time to time Important to understanding Christianity Comes out of ancient Persia (modern day Iran) Key concept is that all matter is evil. All spirit is good. Look at one’s body. It is matter, therefore it is evil. People hurt themselves because they think their bodies are bad. It is very deep-seeded and travels everywhere in western culture. Mani had big books that proclaimed Zoroastrianism. o He was the first Persian Dualist Zoroastrianism is a very potent form of belief. It is also very simple, that the soul is good but body is evil. No longer can read original language. The code to the language has been lost. o Persia, India and Southern China used to be central. Persia was very advanced. o Bears no resemblance to any other language around today. Precious few fragments of the originals. o Only have the modern version of the texts o People feel that they don’t have everything that is needed from the lost stuff Favrohar is the symbol associated with this religion o It is a winged angel o it is an angelic presence o not material, they have no form o they cannot be seen either Often travelled westward across the world for trade o Cannot be certain that there was in fact a western influence either The language of Parsee does not line up with the language of Sanskrit. That proves that the Persians were not the Aryans to come in. General Introduction
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Zoroastrianism - Zoroastrianism Background to the Religion...

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