Islam - Islam Introduction Began in Arabia in 7th century...

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Islam Introduction Began in Arabia in 7th century AD. Calendar has year 1. 1.5-2 billion people are Muslim. Not a religion of conversion but it is very compelling. It began in Saudi Arabia in the 6 th century as a tribe. Tribes have rulers. Poor are taken care of by strong/rich Became an intersection of trade routes. Soon became huge place for trade. Three religions in the Middle East are Jewish, Christian, and Pagan. Biggest empire of the world when Islam is created is in serious decline. The empire has now imploded. It is the Roman Empire. By 600 it is gone. To the East an enormous Empire has declined as well, the Persian Empire. To understand Islam, and why it covers so much of the world, is because of the decline of the empires on either side. It enters a phase after the death of Mohammad. By the year 711 Islam spread through North Africa into Spain. It also had a toehold in Southern France and Italy. The Balkans, East into Persia, as far as Afghanistan and into India, all in 60 years. Islam becomes the guardian of reason and learning Superior mathematical ability. They had algebra. Numbers and the numerical system. Within 70 years, they have created 6 different schools. They are the most intellectually sophisticated cultures on the planet. Largest army on the planet, 550,000. 1717, fades as world political power. Differences with Christianity because of the simplicity of beliefs. There are core beliefs. One of the largest in number of followers Dominant religion of all the Middle East, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan Islam means “submission” or “surrender” to the will of G-d, and is also related to the word “peace”. Like “salam” in Hebrew. Follower is called “Muslim” meaning “one who submits” Muslims (a religious term) should not be confused with Arabs (an ethnic term). Not all Muslims are Arabic! Should not be called “Mohammedans” Largest population of Muslims are in Indonesia, followed by Pakistan and India. Muslims consider Jews to be Muslims. Islam is the fastest moving religion. It swept across the globe super fast
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Mohammad The founder of Islam Muhammad is the seal on of prophecy. The prophecy is closed but he completes all the prophecies. All of the other prophecies are integral to the Quran. Prophets are ideal human examples. Muslims believe that Muhammad was the prophet of Islam and last messenger of G-d He completed the sacred teachings of earlier prophets. He receives the Quran. It is put known that it is not the entirety of god’s knowledge, but all that can be handled by humans. It is put together in its final form throughout 150 years. The name Muhammad means “Praised One”
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Islam - Islam Introduction Began in Arabia in 7th century...

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