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Islam Guest Lecturer

Islam Guest Lecturer - another way The struggle of life is...

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Guest Lecturer: Wael Haddara Details of Islam Purpose of Islam - why god revealed this face and asked man to follow it Purpose is the human being/person, the journey of life, and the destination (either god the creator or death) At the end of the day we will arrive somewhere. How you get from the beginning to the end, how intact and successful you are, is the purpose of Islam. Islam helps make that journey as successful as possible. Why are we here? What is life? The sheer happiness a human gets overcomes and compensates for any difficulty or challenge that humans come upon. Islam is not unique on that perspective but it approaches it from that direction. 1) Know who you are, and yourself (called Sufism) 2) Destination- Creator (called Aqida) 3) Journey- life (called Fiqh) Focus on Fiqh in relation to the others. If the idea of prayer is to know god, why can’t you do this in
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Unformatted text preview: another way? The struggle of life is called jihad. Humans grow old, and two things grow old with them. Covetousness (wanting things) and hope. People who do not understand this do not live happy lives. We learn from fiqh how to understand life. Prophet gives out the Quran and the Oral teachings. Oral traditions became known as Hadith. Did not hypothesize what the Prophet said Withholding/Withdrawing dilemma is presented. The ruling is hukm and the dispensation is fatwa (a contextual legal opinion). The four things that go into the decision is person, place, time, and circumstance. There is also an issue of necessity. Islam is not about putting barriers in life, just showing you discipline. Concentrate on key themes and monotheistics....
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