Taoism - Taoism Introduction Only twice in history does...

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Taoism Introduction Only twice in history does Confucius and Taoism run against each other With Taoism we move from Confucius controlling darkness, to embracing both the darkness and lightness. We are not used to darkness being visible. It brings in all parts of nature. Ying and Yang stands for the equalness of dark and light within us We need dark thoughts but what do they mean? We cannot avoid it. Taoism as it develops tries to keep the Ying/Yang in balance Everything in nature must be equal parts of its opposite Equinox is very important, when we balance night and day proportionally The object of the Tao is to be as balanced as possible. Tao is completely about the body. It tells intellect to go away and stop. Intellect tries to disprove everything. Concentrate on nature and emotion and body. Love, devotion, intellect, is not even addressed in Taoism Schools try to open up the body’s flow of universal energy Taoism survives as a school because it is so many schools that address the ways to be in the body Two ways of looking at body work: Buddhist way (get rid of mind through moving body in certain way) and the Taoist technique (which begins with the body and then balances). Balance your body then learn to balance your mind. How do we transcend the mind that makes us human? What will we act like if we kill the mind? There is a whole aspect that looks into darkness It is not avoiding pain or suffering Tries to recapture the initial force Background Taoist philosophies are universal
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Taoism - Taoism Introduction Only twice in history does...

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