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Quote Analysis # 1

Quote Analysis # 1 - Kasper Lim Writing 20 Mark Baker Quote...

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Kasper Lim Writing 20 Mark Baker 1-17-08 Quote Analysis “I again found myself conscious of the English I was using, the English I do use with her.” -Amy Tan This quote by Amy Tan illustrates how Amy Tan adapted to the English language. It also implies that Tan’s mother doesn’t speak the traditional English. It’s improper or “fractured” and “broken” English but it is the only way Amy Tan can communicate with her mother. Amy Tan says that she was ashamed of her mother’s language growing up, but now she understands how vital it was for her to communicate in such a unique way. “By the end of this century, Spanish speakers will comprise the biggest minority group in the U.S….By the end of this century English, and not Spanish, will be the mother tongue of most Chicanos and
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