Honky v2 - Lim 1 Kasper Lim Writing 20 Mark Baker April 5,...

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Lim 1 Kasper Lim Writing 20 Mark Baker April 5, 2008 Unreachable Identity It is very difficult for many people to envision themselves as living in impoverished conditions, and being completely different from the rest of their community . As a child Dalton Conley, the author of Honky , was forced to endure these hardships while living in a poor community that was predominantly black and Latino . In spite of living in a poor neighborhood, Conley attended a wealthy public school that was mostly white . This book shows a young man’s struggle against the difficulties of the ghetto, and his pursuit to fit into two vastly different communities . Honky should be placed in the high school curriculum because it explores the difficulties of establishing an identity in the American culture when race and social class applies . Dalton Conley, who is a part of the white majority, grew up in a housing project that was mainly populated by minorities – African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians . As a child Conley did not know the difference between his skin color and the skin color of others . Conley took this too far when he stole a baby from an unattended stroller . This was not an ordinary baby; the baby that Conley took was a black baby . Conley thought that the black baby girl could be his sister, but his mother became furious when Conley introduced the baby to her . As you can see, Conley was confused about his identity at an early age . He easily adapted to the lifestyles of the minorities because he was the only white person in his neighborhood . None of Conley’s friends
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Lim 2 were white and this had a huge impact on how Conley perceived his identity because he was living a life that was not consistent with his skin color . Dalton and his sister, Alexandra, attended a school which was predominantly populated
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Honky v2 - Lim 1 Kasper Lim Writing 20 Mark Baker April 5,...

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