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Essay # 1 Final - The Effects of Migration Economically...

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The Effects of Migration: Economically, Socially, and Culturally Kasper Lim CLNI 80A, Section 5 Terry Tehaar November 15, 2007 1
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The Effects of Migration: Economically, Socially, and Culturally Mexican migration to the United States effects Mexican towns economically through goods and money, socially through friendships and leaders, and culturally through dress and speech . Economically, most Mexicans are getting richer because they get money delivered to them by their migrant relatives and family members working in the United States . However, a small percentage of Mexicans economically suffer from the effects of migration because tragedy strikes. Mexican towns have gotten so disproportioned with their rich and their poor because some come back considerably wealthy . Promises and hopes are both shattered from the tragedies on the border . Mexicans in these small towns are socially influenced by the migration . Once these migrants go up north, they keep going back because it is a necessity to keep their family alive . They are told that the journey to the border is dangerous but many take it anyways because getting there would be a lot better than staying at home because in the United States they can make a far superior living . Most Mexicans in Mexico would do almost anything to come to America to work and get paid . Why not? They get paid by the hour in America drastically more than what they make in just one day of work in Mexico . Mexican cities are affected by the migration economically mainly because most towns get better and more developed . When the migrants cross the border to work in the United States, they work long hard hours so that they can support their family back in Mexico .
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