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Astronomy 100 HW #7a

Astronomy 100 HW #7a - Astronomy 100 HW#7 1 Energy in the...

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Astronomy 100 HW #7 1) Energy in the sun is generated in the core through nuclear fusion. That energy is carried through the radiation zone to the convection zone. Hot gas then rises through the convection zone to the photosphere. From the photosphere energy goes into space. Above the photosphere is the chromosphere which is about 4,000 K hotter. The corona reaches one million degrees and is from the chromosphere out. 2) The sun’s fusion rate remains steady. This is stabilized by a chain of events starting with either the core temperature of the sun slightly rising or falling. If the temperature rises then the fusion rate rises drastically, meaning the sun would have more energy. The extra energy would be contained, causing pressure in the core to increase, temporarily exceeding the pull of gravity and in turn making the core expand and cool down. When the core cools back down the fusion rate drops to normal and all is restored. The exact same process happens in reverse in the even t of the core temperature slightly dropping.
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