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Astronomy 100 HW #9a

Astronomy 100 HW #9a - Astronomy 100 HW 9 1(a Spacetime is...

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Astronomy 100 HW # 9 1) (a) Spacetime is the Four Dimensions combined, those being Length, width and depth (space) and time. (b) Any object that has mass curves the spacetime around it, creating gravity. (c) We used a thin rubber sheet stretched over a ring, with a mass placed in the center of the circle on top of the rubber. (d) The objects are following spacetime to the Earth, which is towards the mass. (e) The gravitational pull of Earth is bringing the object towards Earth’s surface, while the mass of the object and the gravitational force around it are pulling it away from the surface. The force from the Earth is much stronger so the object just falls as if gravity were not slowing it down. 2) We refer to black holes as a hole in spacetime because black holes literally are a pit extending infinitely into spacetime. A black hole’s event horizon is the area between the inside of the black hole and the edge of the universe outside of it. The event horizon is basically the point where there or closer an object will eventually go into the black hole. The size of the event horizon can be measured and described as the Schwarzschild radius, which is the radius of the event horizon.
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