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LAH 4602 Notes: Week of September 18 (Continuation of the Iberian Catholicism outline) III. The Jesuits in Spanish America (1630s-1740s) A. The Maynas Region (1633-1767) B. The Moxos Region (1680s-1760s) C. Comparisons Back to the middle Amazon - Carmelites rather than Jesuits were responsible for the involvement in the tribes of the middle Amazon - Driven need for slave labor sets up a pattern behavior - In the middle Amazon and the omaguas are appealing to Samuel Fritz it is because they are aware of the what is going on with the slaving - The epidemics- most of them seemed to be smallpox - The first incursion in is in the 1620s i. 1647, 1660, 1669, 1680, 1700 (pandemic), 1723, 1724. These are the dates of the major epidemics - Dates of the uprisings are: i. 1668-69, 1667,1684,1695, 1700, 1723-27, 1730’s - Notice the correlation of the dates between the uprisings and the epidemics - These are occurring basically in the middle Amazon - Because they up rise they are put down without mercy - So up the Amazon, you get a process where the populations are destroyed, either by slaving or fatal disease; this is why people think that the population was small; it more than likely was big and was torn down - The Portuguese population was relatively small compared to the damage they were doing the large populations of the natives. - So now the population of Amazonia is no longer big enough to support their needed labors by the 1730s - By the 1750s they decide to begin the process of bringing in African slaves; this transitions to the majority of the labor in the south Atlantic coast are African - Not only a change in labor, but a change in production, from sugar to rice and cocoa; this is more thought of as “plantation work”; the Africans last longer and give them the edge to make more and buy more slaves - The impact and the end result of this process is absolutely catastrophic
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LAH 4602 Notes 5 - LAH 4602 Notes: Week of September 18...

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