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Career functions enhance career development. Include: Sponsorship – actively nominating a junior manager for promotions and desirable positions. Exposure and visibility – pairing a junior manager with key executives who can provide opportunities Coaching – providing practical tips on how to accomplish objectives and achieve recognition Protection – shielding a junior manager from potentially harmful situations or senior managers Challenging assignments – helping a junior manager develop necessary competencies through favorably job assignments and feedback
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Unformatted text preview: Psychosocial functions Role modeling – giving a junior manager a pattern of values and behavior to emulate Acceptance and confirmation – providing mutual support and encouragement Counseling – helping a junior manager work out personal problems, thus enhancing his or her self-image Friendship – engaging in mutual satisfying social interaction. Research indicates phases in the mentoring process: 1) Initiation 2) Cultivation 3) separation 4) redefinition...
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