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NAME SSN FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Department of Chemistry Dr. Keller EXAM II CHM 2210 Fall 2001 Be clear and neat; a poorly-drawn structure may be misinterpreted. To obtain partial credit, you must show your work. I. NOMENCLATURE AND CONFORMATIONAL ANALYSIS 1. Provide a complete IUPAC name for THREE of the following compounds. Where appropriate, indicate the specific stereoisomer as part of the name. [5 points each] OH Br a. c. Cl OH CH 3 CH 3 H b. d. 2. There are 3 different staggered conformations of 2-butanol – looking down the C 2 -C 3 bond. Draw these 3 conformations on the templates below, circle the least stable conformation, and explain briefly (1 sentence) why it is the least stable. [7 points] OH 1 4 3 2 2-Butanol
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CHM 2210-01 Fall 2001 EXAM II Page 2 3. Using the template below, draw trans -1-isopropyl-3-methylcyclohexane in its most stable chair conformation. [4 points] II. STEREOCHEMISTRY 1. Place an asterisk (*) next to each stereocenter in the antibiotic Tetracycline:
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