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AST 301 Fall 2007-Scalo Review sheet for exam #7 Exam 7 covers sec. 24.3 (Hubble’s Law), and chapters 25 (NOT 25.4), 26, and 27. As on previous exams, emphasis is on understanding the basic ideas and their implications and connections, not on memorization of details or on numerical values. I will not test you on any of the “More Precisely” or “Discovery” sections except Discovery 26-1, p. 752. Read them if you are interested (e.g. you will learn how strange “string theory” is). There will be a number of questions related to deuterium and helium as produced in the era of nucleosynthesis and how those provide tests of cosmological models. However you do not have to memorize any of the nuclear reactions involved. As usual, a few of the exam questions will be versions of some of the questions found at the textbook web site multiple choice self-tests. Also as usual, I strongly suggest that you do not try these questions until you have thoroughly studied. Another suggestion that bears repeating: Test yourself by seeing if you could explain most of the material, or the answers to the questions at the end of the chapter, to someone who hasn’t taken the course, without consulting the book at all. Not being able to do this (and it should be pretty clear when you can’t) is a sure sign that you don’t understand the material enough and need further study. The end-of-chapter questions are also useful review tools. I am unable to give you a list of which ones are most important. You should look through all of them and see if you are familiar enough to answer them. Liubin Pan (our TA) will have office hours Thursday 2-4 (unless I send you an email note telling you differently--I have not checked with him on this yet). I will have office hours on Thursday from 4 to 6. I’ll have to send you email if there is some meeting that day that I have forgotten to put on my calendar. If you want to meet on Wed., let me know--2:30 or 4:45 are possibilities. I will be available for phone consultation from 9am to 9pm Wed. and Thurs., if I am home—otherwise, leave a message, feel free to call back, etc.; you won’t be disturbing me because I’ll just be reading or working. But please don’t call after 9 pm. Sec. 24.3 . This is a leftover from the last exam, but one of the most important topics you’ll encounter. Here the Hubble Law is introduced as a “standard candle” that can be used to obtain distances to very distant galaxies. Later, it is revisited in another role, as the first evidence suggesting a model for the evolution of the universe called the Big Bang. Chapter 25 . You should read and study all this material except for sec. 25.4, Black Holes in Galaxies. You might find it interesting to look it over, because it describes observations and theories about the supermassive black holes that lurk in the centers of galaxies, but I will not include it on the test. However you
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course AST 301 taught by Professor Harvey during the Fall '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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301F07RevExam7 - AST 301 Fall 2007-Scalo Review sheet for...

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