AA301F07RevExam1 - The first exam will cover chapters 1...

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AST 301 (Scalo, Fall 2007) Review sheet for Exam 1 The first exam will cover chapters 1 through 3 (except that we will postpone section 3.5 on the Doppler effect to exam 2). The material to be emphasized or omitted should by now be clear, both through the content of the lectures, and through the sheet “Guide to Reading and Study”. The main topics we have omitted are the phenomena of the night sky and the history of astronomy. The main topics you should understand have to do with motion of an object under the influence of a force (especially gravity), and the appearance of the continuous thermal spectrum of a body heated to a certain temperature (the radiation laws). The present review is meant to give you a better feel for kind of understanding you need to have in order to be well-prepared for the first exam. Although the clever publishers of your textbook decided to put the “Glossary” of terms at the textbook website, which they have not yet completed, it will be even more beneficial if you compiled such a list yourself—mostly the words in bold type in the text. The most important suggestion I can give you is to find whether you can explain most of these terms in everyday language, and note whether you are repeating something you memorized or are explaining something you understand. It is important that you try to explain in everyday language, and each time you use a term that is specific to astronomy, define it in a way that anyone could understand. If you have the sense that you are simply trying to repeat memorized phrases and terms, you will do poorly: There are important ideas and applications and examples surrounding nearly everything we have covered. After you have studied, be sure to try the interactive multiple choice/true false questions at the end of each chapter, as specified in the “Guide to Reading and Study,” and at the text web site; I will be sending you the website questions to try by Monday evening. Besides Kepler’s and Newton’s laws, one of the most important and useful things to become familiar with
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course AST 301 taught by Professor Harvey during the Fall '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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AA301F07RevExam1 - The first exam will cover chapters 1...

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