Final Exam Review III

Final Exam Review III - academic integrity you may be asked...

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Final Exam Review III: Exam Structure The final examination for Introduction to China, ANS 302C/ANT 310L, counts as 40% of your course grade. The exam is comprehensive—that is, everything and anything we have covered in lectures, readings, and discussions from the first class to the last could potentially appear on the exam. Realistically, by using your experience of the course so far (quizzes, midterm, etc.) and common sense, you should be able to narrow this quite large body of information down to a manageable range of review-worthy material. The examination will take place on Monday, December 17, 2007 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon in UTC 3.112 (i.e., our usual lecture hall). You should come prepared with sufficient writing implements (pens and/or pencils). You do NOT need bluebooks. Given the limited seating capacity of the room and the need to ensure
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Unformatted text preview: academic integrity, you may be asked to change seats by the instructor or teaching assistant before the exam begins. Please turn off and pack up all electronic devices, including mobile phones, PDAs, and laptop computers promptly at or before 9:00 AM. Introduction to China Fall, 2007 Final Examination Part I (5 points) Geography [Map IDs] 10 items Part II (5 points): Chronology 10 items Part III: (5 points) Identifications 10 items Part IV: (5 points) Reverse identifications [provide term/name that best fits the supplied description] 5 items Part V: (9 points) Short Answers (3-5 sentences maximum) 9 items Part VI: (11 points) Short essays [~250 words, or about 2 short paragraphs each] Part A, 5 points, 1 item Part B, 6 points, 2 items Extra credit (0.5 for each correct answer) 6 items...
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Final Exam Review III - academic integrity you may be asked...

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