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Han historical brief - “dynasty” Restoration after the...

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Fall of Qin through Fall of Han Qin dynasty collapses a few years after the death of Qin Shihuangdi, the first emperor. Liu Bang dreams of the white snake. Xiang Yu and Liu Bang: All in the timing. Han dynasty divided into Former and Later Han. Revival and revision of Confucianism and beginnings of the modern bureaucracy: Emperor Wu and Dong Zhongshu: Heaven, earth, and man. Mid-Han, rise of popular religious sects devoted to the Yellow Emperor and Laozi, and the Queen Mother of the West. Immortality for the believers, not just adepts, though continued practice of dietetics. Laozi and the Yellow Emperor also became the patrons of ecstatic cults based on the idea of a perfect ruler who would descend to earth in times of crisis and restore peace to the world. Mid- Han, Wang Mang’s reforms and the Xin
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Unformatted text preview: “dynasty” Restoration after the fall of Wang Mang. Late Han, rise of sectarian movements in wake of natural disasters and economic hardship imposed by poor governing. Two major movements: Way of Great Peace, aka Yellow Turbans, and Celestial Master Sect, aka Five Pecks of Rice. Yellow Turbans shared beliefs and practices with Celestial Master sect, but was more militant. Sects based on revelation through spirit mediums. Personified divine beings concerned to aid humankind—belief arises in the midst of the collapsing dynasty and chaos. In Eastern China—Shandong area—Yellow Turbans were suppressed after rebelling around 185. This brought local military leaders into the forefront. Fall of the Han: Division into “Three Kingdoms”: Shu-Han, Wei, and Chu. Begins long period of division....
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Han historical brief - “dynasty” Restoration after the...

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