01 Biotechnology Intro

01 Biotechnology Intro - Creative Technology Biotechnology...

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Unformatted text preview: Creative Technology Biotechnology Prof. Ryan T. Gill DLC1B77, rtg@colorado.edu Office Hrs same as Prof. Degrazia EMAIL IS BEST A little about me Biotechnology Research Biofuels and Biorefining, Genomics Managing Director Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels Biotech for about 12 years now Teaching Biology, Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory: 10-15 grads, 5-10 undergrads Other Stuff Entrepreneurial - - Start up company OpX Came to CU via MIT, Univ. of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University Outline and Schedule M W F Reading Material 24-Sep L1 Ch. 1 Intro. To Biotechnology 1-Oct L2 L3 L4 Ch. 1-2 Genetic Engineering 8-Oct L5 L6 L7 Ch. 3-4 Transformation, Biotech. Products 15-Oct L8 L9 L10 Ch. 6-7 Cloning, Gene Therapy 22-Oct L11 L12 L13 Ch. 9-11 Molecular Markers, Forensic DNA, Bioremediation 29-Oct L14 Ch. 13 Bioterrorism/ Review Biotechnology Production of commercial products generated by the metabolic action of biological organisms (often microoganisms). using biological organisms as factories chemicals from renewable resources mass production of pharmaceuticals, e.g. insulin genetically modiFed crops resist pests and disease disease-resistant livestock engineered microbes for environmental remediation microbes producing enzymes, polymers, chemicals Products Traditional (old-fashioned) biotechnology sugar ethanol + carbon dioxide yeast Fermentation (e.g. of beer): Fermentation (e....
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01 Biotechnology Intro - Creative Technology Biotechnology...

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