NOVEL-4-14-08 - *Lionel is “defective”*”Good Guy”...

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“Genre Bender” “Everyman” – reflects the general population, not a superhero, not entirely bad but not entirely good, not exceptional. A “human” character. We can relate to the character. Based on assumptions, author information High Fidelity -Book (1995), Movie (2000) -Book (Culture=British), Movie (Culture=American, Chicago) -Book (Dry Humor), Movie (Boisterous, Obvious) *Detective Novels -suspense -crime -capable protagonists -masculinity -detail important -pulp fiction -reliance on change *Lionel is not a typical protagonist
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Unformatted text preview: *Lionel is “defective” *”Good Guy”, “Bad Guy” *Innocence, Naïve *Not a loner *Not “legal”-Gun, with occasional music-Amnesia Moon-The Fortress of Solitude-You Don’t Love Me Yet- As She Climbed Across The Table-Men and Cartoons *Johnathan Lethem-born 1964-Brooklyn NY-Father = artist-Mother = political activist-grew up in a commune -“My books miss center…. .” = loss of mother-1 st book = Gun With Occasional Muic-Started out as a science fiction writer-ALWAYS a genre bender (mixes genres)...
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NOVEL-4-14-08 - *Lionel is “defective”*”Good Guy”...

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